Job Description - Service Attendant

August 27 2018,

  • Our after sales service team at Saint Constant Honda is looking for a service attendant!
  • Saint Constant Honda is a dynamic car dealership in the South Shore since 2000. We are known for being welcoming with a satisfied and expanding customer base.
  • Here are the spots related to the position:
  • Perform work on work orders according to his / her jurisdiction and in accordance with decrees, if applicable.
  • Inspect or check the vehicle visually.
  • Lubricate, drain oil and apply rust inhibitor.
  • Install and balance the wheels of a vehicle.
  • Install, repair, install or remove the radiator from the engine and its hoses.
  • Install, repair, install or remove windshield wipers, headlights, filters and exhaust systems.
  • Install, install or remove audio systems from the manufacturer.
  • Install or booster accumulators of a vehicle.
  • Check the oil levels of the vehicles.
  • Check the tire pressure and add air if necessary.
  • Fill all fluids except the air conditioning system.
  • Carry out road tests concerning the verification of the work done.
  • Report any security issues to your immediate supervisor.
  • Present yourself professionally.
  • Perform other duties as required and directed by management.
  • You can be the perfect candidate!
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